Imtiaz Uddin Reyan

The Basics

Age: 24 Years old
Gender: -
Home Town: Mymensingh
Live in: Dhaka
Work: Student of Govt.Kobi Nazul Collage.Dhaka


School: Phulpur Pilot Model School,Phulpur
College: Govt. Anondo MOhan Collage,Mymensing
University: Govt.Kobi Nazul Collage.Dhaka


This is Reyan,Obiously I am a Student.I am Styding in Accounting at Govt. Kobi Nazrul Collage.My hobby is Trevilling for the mistrious Place.My home town is Mymensingh.I am Living with my family in Old Dhaka.I have taken a course in English Spoken and also completed a Trainig about Computer.That's a little information about me.


Atota cuto hon jano sobai apnar satha bosta pare,ar atota boro hon jano apni daraila kew bose thakta na pare Powerful isn't he who control others, Powerful is he who control himself.
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